Intel Raid Maintenance Free Backup Axxrmfbu3 - 1 Pack

Intel Raid Maintenance Free Backup Axxrmfbu3 - 1 Pack

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Cache (RAID card memory) backup Cache boosts storage performance by enabling more parallel operations, reducing latency of parity calculations, and completing transactions quicker

However, it introduces risk in the event of power or server failure

It allows for data to be stored locally rather than waiting for drives or system memory

The Intel reg Smart Battery Backup Unit BBU offers excellent cache backup

The LiON-based backup offers multiple modes of operation and retention times. /p

The latest Intel reg RAID Smart Batteries AXXRSBBU8 and AXXRSBBU9 offer a new longer life with up to five years of service life and a higher-temperature lithium polymer BBU

The optional battery backup maintains the integrity of data in transit to drives in the event of a power interruption or system failure

Therefore, a cache backup solution is highly recommended